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See more of my work or read about it in the following books and magazines:

“Slop: Joy and Expense,” Ceramics Monthly magazine, September, 2017

“John Glick: A Legacy,” Ceramics Monthly magazine, October, 2015

“ Brin and Dale Baucum,” Essay for their exhibition, “Double Vision,” Dixon Gallery, Memphis, Tennessee, 2012

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“The Cult of Blue,” The Studio Potter magazine, Volume 35, Number 2, Summer/Fall 2007

“My Life with Clay,” Clay Times magazine, May/June 2005

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The Studio Potter, June 1998, page 34, studio photo with pots, published in conjunction with my article, “Bone China.”

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Illustrated Dictionary of Practical Pottery, 3rd edition, by Robert Fournier, England (Chilton Book  Company, publishers), 1992, three works published pp. 28, 78 and 207 illustrating the terms boss, crater glaze and perlite, respectively

Salt-Glaze Ceramics, An International Perspective, by Janet Mansfield, Australia, (Craftsman House BVI, Ltd., Tortola, BVI) 1991, shows two major works in color (p 109, 111) with a discussion of how I got into salt glazing, my view of the process and its aesthetic (page 110)

Ceramic Form, by Peter Lane, England, (Rizzoli International Publications, Inc., New York) 1988, shows a large bowl by this artist (page 97) and devotes a section (page 96) to a story about the importance of a specific Mimbres bowl to this artist’s work

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