Liz Hunt

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I’ve been making rustic furniture since 1986,  specializing in one-of-a-kind, contemporary willow and hardwood works including tables, chairs, mirrors, benches, love seats, bird houses, and sculptural forms.  To find out more, click on one of the subjects at the top of this webpage.  I try to infuse my furniture with a wildness, as if grown by nature rather than constructed.  I want to make its craft reflect the same impeccable craft of nature.  Look for screws or nails and you’ll rarely find them because they’re either missing or hidden. When you do find them, they’re obviously a design element. I use most tricks of traditional rustic woodworking to produce objects that seem natural.  But because I never sought an education in fine woodworking, my solutions to problems of support, connection, and stability can be uniquely rustic.  Yet to watch the construction of a table or chair, a desk or bed, no one would believe the amount of craft and labor that goes into each piece.  I want every joint, every connection to fit perfectly.  As a result, even the intersection of traditional rustic materials such as deer horn, bark, stones and even four-leaf clovers, seems as if one grows from another.