Originally self taught, then influenced by a single workshop with New York rustic guru Dan Mack, I first made traditional rustic furniture, but over the past 22 years, have left that limiting direction to set my own course, making one-of-a-kind rustic furniture suitable for both contemporary and rustic interiors.  Some say I represent the rustic branch of Post-Modernism. 

My favorite materials are personally harvested, particularly corkscrew willow.  A local, country sawmill provides fillets of massive walnut.  Wild cherry and oak, hand cut from our farm in Delaware, Ohio, round out the dance-card of materials.  Would you be willing to ford a swamp with snakes, poison ivy and mosquitoes in order to gather just the right cuts of willow?  That’s the commitment this craft has always required from its most ardent producers.  Somehow, taking wood from harvest to peeling bark, to selection to assembly is at the core of rustic traditions.  Peeling, in fact, almost always takes place in Spring, when the sap is running, and allows the bark to be stripped easily.  Try to peel it in any other season and it’s quite uncooperative.  So you’re either out of luck or wielding a power washer. Respect the seasons or the maker is in for a fight. 

I grew up on a farm.  Isolated.  Animals were my friends.  So rustic furniture is as natural to me as any other collaboration with nature made necessary by farming, taking care of animals or climbing trees.  I am as genuinely rustic as any of the hobo furniture-makers of the Great Depression.  I’m an authentic maker from the heart, yet with 21st Century consideration for the needs of contemporary architecture.  My 22 years of production have created almost every type of rustic furniture.  Objects as obscure as belt racks are as normal as Queen-sized bed frames in my production.  Yet if there is one line of consistency in my work, it is surprise, the unexpected that is the norm.  That includes used belts as webbing of a chair.  Felting that began as my own knitting can also be found as part of my work.  Enjoy my wild interpretation of “Rustic.”  You’ll never find a more genuine style.

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